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Marking a strong presence over the ancestral home, the wife of Myles Annabel has also passed away, having herself held a reign of terror over the estate from beyond her grave in the woods. Now, with her nephew Paul looking to make his home there, she hopes to live once again, using Paul as the unsuspecting conduit to being reborn.

Julia Merrow also hopes to put the past behind her too, with secrets all of her own, but, as she and Paul aim to make a new life at the Watermere mansion, they may find that things might not go according to plan. Can they ever hope to make a new life there, putting the past in the past? Will Annabel live again? What will happen in the house of skin? Introducing dark and foreboding characters, it really would work at creating a dark and mysterious atmosphere with a strong sense of ambiance shadowing over it all.

Taking a number of horror tropes, Jonathan Janz really knows how to turn them on their head and really shed a whole new light on them.

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A master of his craft, the characters are all also extremely well drawn, creating an air of suspense and evil hanging over the whole story. Once again using each of the locations to full effect as well, Janz manages to make the most of each and every element within his story. Seemingly normal prior to the incident, the boy appears to be in the grip of some kind of demonic possession, leading to Father Jason Crowder being called in. Hoping to save not just the boy, but the whole city, Crowder soon learns that it may be his own soul that needs rescuing, as the darkness from within the boy threatens to consume them all.

Will he manage to defeat whatever forces have taken the boy? Can he keep himself safe in the process? What will happen when the exorcist falls?

The Clearing of Travis Coble

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    Book s. The guy is a master! More Details. View Results. Jonathan Janz Books In Order. The rest of his words were lost in the rush of foreboding that had gripped Jesse. Jesse put the pickup in drive and cut across the main road. Weaving in and out of campsites, they approached the giant white RV with green and blue stripes decorating its flanks. Jonathan Janz grew up between a dark forest and a graveyard, and in a way, that explains everything. Savage Species is his fourth full-length work. Look for his fifth novel, a vampire western called Dust Devils , in early You can learn more about Jonathan at www.

    You can also find him on Facebook, via jonathanjanz on Twitter, or on his Goodreads and Amazon author pages. The construction of the Peaceful Valley Nature Preserve, a sprawling, isolated state park, has stirred an evil that has lain dormant for nearly a century, and all the men, women, and children unlucky enough to be attending the grand opening are about to encounter the most horrific creatures to ever walk the earth. Jesse, Emma, and their companions must fight for their lives against the horde of bloodthirsty creatures known as the Children.

    Meanwhile, Charly and Sam follow the trail of Charly's missing baby below ground to a hidden cave system. But they're followed by Charly's husband, who has murder on his mind…. Professor Clevenger slammed into the dash with a bone-jarring whump. The RV rocked away from the impact, teetered on its side a moment, then toppled. From inside the RV, Jesse heard shrieks of pain and terror.


    More screams from inside. Then came a volley of staccato blasts, someone firing a gun within.

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    The rain was gushing now. Jesse shielded his eyes. Surely unaware there was a creature there, someone from within the camper threw open the side door and attempted to climb out.

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    • Whoever it was let out a yelp of surprise and tried to close the door, but the creature was too quick. It reached down and fished the person out, a short woman Jesse now recognized as Linda Farmer, the camp ranger. Movement to his right drew his gaze and he saw Colleen drawing a bead on the creature, who was lifting Linda into the air, her legs flailing madly. The scimitar teeth leaned toward her exposed neck, but just before the creature ripped out her throat, the side door of the motor home swung open and Ron the DNR officer emerged.

      He leveled a black gun and squeezed off a fusillade of shots.

      The creature dropped Linda, took a couple wobbly steps at Ron, then crumpled. Rolling onto his back, Ron thrust the gun up to shoot the creature, but it backhanded the pistol, the black object skittering uselessly along the white metal before disappearing over the edge.